Boiler World : Nairobi

BOILER WORLD AFRICA -NAIROBI, KENYA  | 10-11-12 August 2023  |  KICC, Nairobi


Purchase personnel from boiler-buying industries – pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical, power generating, rice, sugar, textile, steel, pulp & paper, paints & dyes, refineries, distilleries, etc. from across the globe
Purchase personnel from boiler manufacturing giants looking for component & ancillary manufacturers and traders
Engineers & Operators looking for newer technologies to increase efficiency, safety & environmental protection
Regulatory authorities, policymakers, urban planning specialists and utility & energy companies
Design engineers, consultants, renewable energy project developers and other service providers
Agencies dealing in Instrumentation
R&D institutions, academicians & students


A plethora of unleashed potentials awaits.
Potential vendors/suppliers across borders
Geographical diversification in a fast-growing market
Understanding of market trends, novel developments, changes in market regulations, strategic decision-making parameters, etc.
Exploration of potential alliance opportunities
Exposure to industry trends and latest technologies in an emerging market
Skill development and employment prospects
Venturing into new avenues for export revenues
Immersive opportunities owing to increasing population and consumption in Africa