Boiler World : Nairobi

BOILER WORLD AFRICA -NAIROBI, KENYA  | 10-11-12 August 2023  |  KICC, Nairobi

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Boiler World Expo

Connect with & learn from leading professionals in the steam industry

Explore potential alliances and employment opportunities

Find exposure to state of the art technological development

Meet leaders, manufacturers, experts, & industry giants

Launch new products/tech in an unexplored & emerging market

Explore business in the development of ultra-mega power projects in Africa


We are delighted to welcome Hurst Boiler and Welding Inc. as a sponsor.


Ministry of Industrialization, Trade & Enterprise Development
East African Business Council
Kenya Association of Manufacturers
Kenya Investment Authority
Kenya Association of Manufacturers: The Metal Sector
Indian Boiler Manufacturers Association
Engineering Export Promotion Council